Suffocated by Mom

My mom text me last night saying she wants to call me and talk. This is frustrating because I was just on the phone with her on Wednesday. Since that time she has already text me twice and is now planning on calling. When we were on the phone she asked me why I haven’t been responding to her previous messages and I told her that she writes me a lot. Her response is that she only text me once a week but the phone log doesn’t lie so I know it is much more frequent than she is willing to admit. This is a common problem in our relationship. I feel as though she loves to live in denial and doesn’t want or like to have the truth pointed out. It’s hard to keep a relationship with someone when you never see eye to eye and aren’t on the same page. Anyway after that call she said she’d write me less but here we are four days later and only one of those days have I been free. I just wish she had talked to be about everything all at once when we last talked. Maybe she didn’t know that she needed to talk to me earlier but I bet she did and had just forgotten. That’s usually how it goes she talks to me and then continues to call or text for several days after with all the things she had forgotten to ask or mention. Again it’s just exhausting and I find myself needing air and space.

To see how the conversation with my mom went please read my next blog Holiday Guilt Trip.


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