Cycles of Depression

I have been so depressed lately that all I’ve wanted to do is just sit on the couch. The dishes have been piling up in the kitchen, I barely make dinner, and I don’t do half the other things I was supposed to have done. I don’t feel strong enough to get myself to do them. This is an all too familiar feeling and I have written a previous blog, Depression, about my continued struggle. I feel like such a burden to my husband when I go through these spells of depression. I want to help out and get things done but mentally I just can’t. I know he is understanding and just wants to help me but I still feel bad. I hate when he has to come home after work and make me dinner and take care of me. I’m not working right now, I should be helping him out. I know my depression will eventually go away and I’ll be able to function again but at the same time I also know this will happen all over again. I feel like I have depressive cycles, maybe I should try mapping my feelings and see if I can find any correlations. Then again I’d probably be too depressed to even follow through. At least I have an understanding husband.


3 thoughts on “Cycles of Depression

  1. Gee Jen says:

    Your blogs feel oh so familiar, im waiting for my next cycle of depression but I actually have a little spark of hope that it might not come. Hope that gives you a spark of hope that the light at the end of the tunnel, you know it’s there you’ve been through this before will be permanent this time, there is a just right balance of life, medication and therapy

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