Aging Pets

I worry about my little dog. I know he is getting older but it’s still hard to watch. He trembles more now, has a harder time going up stairs, and sometimes I worry that he might be developing cognitive dysfunction or doggie dementia. I never know if he is barking at nothing or if it’s just that his hearing is so good that I just don’t know what he’s barking at. I usually try to convince myself that he hears something but last night I just don’t know. He was lying in bed under the covers and started randomly barking. It was a strange, high pitched almost scared bark. He calmed down when I held him but I still worry. He is so important to me and I love him so much. It’s hard to watch him get older. He still has a lot left in him and most of the time he acts perfectly normal. I wish they lived longer so we had more time with them. I can’t imagine having to say good-bye. Hopefully that will still be a long time coming. I still consider him “young” in terms of being a senior dog. I just want to spend as much time with him as possible until his time does come.


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