Chocolate Addiction

It seems like everyone has some sort of addiction. For some it’s coffee, others soda, or maybe fast food but usually there is something. Mine is chocolate. I love dessert, it is the best part of any meal but it’s also not the healthiest thing for you. I wish I wouldn’t eat so much of it and sometimes I don’t but lets be honest, usually I do. There is always something to derail me. Holidays, stressful week or something. My husband doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, which is probably a good thing. At least he’s not bringing things in that tempt me. I do eat much healthier with him which is also good. He encourages me to be healthier because he knows that’s what I want for myself. I still eat way too much chocolate though. My bad habit has improved some. I still eat dessert but I try to each much healthier desserts than I used to. Maybe it’s only a slight improvement but I’ll take it. With the holidays coming up it’s going to be hard though. Perhaps every year I can grow a little stronger and eat a little less. Only time will tell.


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