Baby Sprinkle Guilt

I recently received an e-mail invitation to my sister-in-law’s baby sprinkle. A sprinkle is thrown to mothers that already have kids; for example this is her second baby. I don’t really want to go because of my history with her and her side of that family, but that’s another story. I’m sure it will be fun and personally I like the idea of celebrating each birth. What I am not excited about is the gift situation. There was the usual bring diapers for the raffle, which I feel obligated to do especially since I’m family. They also listed the registry on the invitation, which I know is common. The registry stated they were looking to finish the girls’ playroom. Also looking at the registry I felt most items on the list were kind of pricey. So now I need to buy diapers as well as bring a gift. I know I don’t technically have to but I feel obligated to; again especially since it’s for my sister-in-law. I would most likely have brought a gift anyway but I would have felt a lot better bringing one because I wanted to instead of feeling like I needed to. I would have felt very differently if the registry note had said something such as your presence is all we need but if you’d like to get us a gift here are some suggestions. Something, anything like that especially since I already got her a gift for her first baby shower. I want to celebrate each child with you and I’d love to get you a gift to help out during this time. The difference is I want you to be excited about my gift, not expecting it. Maybe I’m being too picky but obviously the wording on the invitation bothered me. Especially when mixed with the expensive registry. It also bothered me because I felt they were being greedy wanting gifts while being cheap and e-mailing the invites. I get it we all need to save money when we can but it goes both ways. Also I wish they’d at least be more appreciative of people taking time out of their day to celebrate with them. Isn’t that what it’s really all about? I’m already canceling my plans and driving 2 hours each way just to be there so I don’t appreciate being guilted into buying diapers and a present as well. Whatever I said my peace, now time to move on. Everything will be used for my sweet innocent niece who deserves all of the love and affection. Time to move on, have a good time, and celebrate with love and happiness.


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