Making Friends

Since I have had more free time lately, I have been trying to put myself out there more. We had a party with our families, I went to my husband’s work event, we joined a sports league, and I have been trying to be more active on social media. I’m glad I’m doing it but it always seems nerve-racking to put myself out there. As I’m sure everyone knows, rejection really hurts. Plus whenever I say or do something even remotely wrong, such as call someone I just met by the wrong name, I beat myself up about it for days. I’m trying not to be so hard on myself in order to allow myself to get out there and have more fun. The people on the team we joined said they wanted to get together more outside our games to hang out and make more friends as well. I was really excited when I heard that. There were talks about hiking, seeing a show, etc. Yet nobody has done anything to make that happen. So I decided to be brave and invite everyone over to carve pumpkins before Halloween. I hate putting myself out there because I feel like everyone is just going to think it’s a stupid idea and not want to come. Who knows though, maybe people would be interested. I need to keep pushing myself outside my comfort zone to find out. Maybe people won’t come but if I don’t invite them then they are guaranteed not to come and I’ll continue to feel alone. So here’s to making an effort!


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