I am really scared to go back to work, which is why I have taken some time off. I felt so burnt out after school and especially after my first job. The thing is now I know what to do differently. My goal is to find a great team to work with, work less hours, have consecutive days off, etc. At school I had a great team but the hours were long, often 55-85 hours/week with maybe one day off. At my first job the team was fun but most were under qualified and the hours were still long, about 45-50 hours/week. Plus I never had two days off in a row so I was never able to get away and take a break. I worry that if I continue to work myself to death that I will wind up hating my profession and never going back. Which isn’t fair because I worked so hard to get here and am in a lot of student debt. This has been my dream since childhood and I’d hate to walk away. Which is why I have been taking such a long time to find a job, the right job. I know nothing is perfect but there is a difference between perfect and down right toxic. Even with taking the right precautions I’m still worried. At this point I just need a win. Something to give me hope to keep going.


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