So Much Stuff

Stuff, why do we need so much stuff? I have been looking for storage solutions since we have moved into a smaller place; I think it would be nice to have some more storage options. At the same time, though, I just think well do we really need all this stuff? The hard thing is I feel like we never have time to go through things together. I’d much rather relax and spend time together but that’s why this continues to be an unresolved issue. My family is the other problem. They always want to give gifts, which sounds like a good thing but often times we don’t need more things just taking up space. I have tried talking to them about it but it doesn’t help. They like to show love by gifts and often they are just trying to buy love. Either way it’s too much. I end up with a house full of stuff that I hate and hating our place because of it but when I try to get rid of it my dad makes a big deal. So for years I had been keeping stuff in my place out of guilt but not anymore. The only problem is I still have it but it’s just being stored now. I keep telling myself we’ll go through things next time we move, and we do but not enough. The world needs to stop trying to sell us stuff and we need to learn to be happy without all of it. Until then I guess I’ll just keep storing it away for now.


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