Wednesday Fight Night

So I feel like I just can’t talk to my husband on Wednesday nights. I blogged last week about my frustrations in my post Tired Husband; how he comes home late and tired these nights after working out. After he gets home I have stuff we need to talk about but he is always impatient and rude on these nights, which is not like him. It’s always the same thing though, “why do you have to bring stuff up right before bed?” Oh I don’t know maybe because you come home late and then take a shower followed by eating dinner. So when exactly was I supposed to bring it up? Of course it’s before bed now! You were busy earlier and I wasn’t going to bother you in the shower or while you were eating. I honestly just feel like Wednesdays are off limits for communicating with him which is extremely frustrating. I’m not sure how to make things better but I’m already annoyed. If I do end up getting a job, then at least I should also be coming home late on Wednesdays as well. Who knows maybe I’ll be too tired to even care anymore. Not sure that’s really fixing the problem though. Ah.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Fight Night

  1. Gee Jen says:

    I feel like I understand your frustration, my hubby is a bit the same, but wanted to reassure you that we do get there eventually, and maybe try explaining to him how you feel about wednesdays (prob not on a wednesday though!) Maybe you can try text or email on that night?


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