Grandma’s Birthday Dinner

Sometimes I wonder if people even like their own parents. If they weren’t your parents and they were just people you ran into, would you get along or even like the kind of people they are? If my parents weren’t my parents and they were just people I happened to run into, I would never see them again. Not because of chance but because I don’t like the kind of people they are or who I become when I’m around them. They are materialistic, phony, liars, who are selfish. It’s not exactly fair for me to say this because they do a lot for their kids; except let go of them. Often times it seems they only do the things they want to do though. Mostly they are just overbearing. I was recently at dinner with them for my grandma’s birthday, which they planned last minute. While we were at dinner my mom seemed upset that I had a job interview I hadn’t told them about. It’s not like she’s excited for me and wish she had known but instead she is frustrated at me for embarrassing her since she didn’t know about it. Even when we were talking about other things she kept trying to come back to it to try and find out more information. She also makes comments such as, well you’ll let us know if you get it. Maybe I will and maybe I won’t, whatever, that should be my choice. I’m not going to make a special call to the whole family to update them on my life constantly. While I was there I also mailed a letter and she wanted to know what I mailed. Who cares it’s not for you. I wish she would give me more space and not be so overbearing. These are just small examples that happen continuously. My dad on the other hand is too opinionated for me. If you disagree with his views, mostly on politics, he’ll get angry and start a fight with you telling you that you’re wrong. I would prefer to not talk about those hot topics but he brings them up constantly and I’m not going to just sit there while he goes on and on with his own views. He always just assumes that everyone in the family has the same views as him. I don’t like the person I become when I am around them and if they weren’t my family I’d probably never see them again. The icing on the cake, though, was how they treated my grandma at dinner. I have never liked how they treat her. She wanted to order a glass of wine with dinner and my parents were very against it. Look I don’t know if she’s on medications that she shouldn’t be drinking with but they never brought that up as a reason. Instead they made rude comments such as “oh well this should be a fun drive home” or “if you’re going to talk this much then we’re not going to let you order wine next time”. These are just some of the many comments they made while giving her such a hard time about ordering a glass of wine. The reason why this bothered me so much is because my dad is a recovering alcoholic. Really how about all of the years that you had more than just a glass of wine and ruined our family. And a mom who was frustrated and didn’t understand why she couldn’t still drink just because my dad shouldn’t be. What a supportive spouse who hates her husbands drinking yet wants to continue to tempt him. I felt they had no place to make the comments that they did toward my grandma for a small glass of wine. Who are they to talk after everything they have done.  They will forever be my parents and in that sense I am stuck with them but I am sure enjoying the distance I am trying to create from them. I’m know I am not alone and that there are plenty of others who don’t like their parents either.


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