Too Good to be True?

I had an interview yesterday and I felt like it went well. They invited me back so that’s at least a good sign. I was very surprised by the place; it was very different than I had imagined and much better than I had pictured. I loved the manager I met with and everything seemed great. She was nice, realistic, slightly laid back, and honest about the good and the bad of working there. I am really excited and hopeful about this opportunity, even with the long commute. Even though things are going well, I am always waiting for things to crash back down and my depression to take over again. It’s a constant battle. I wish I could just be happy and hopeful and enjoy the moments without worry or fear that things are too good to be true. I really hope things work out and that my fears are just fears that aren’t true. I wish I could be more optimistic and just be happy that things went well instead of constantly worrying when the next bad thing is going to come.


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