Tired Husband

Yesterday while walking the dogs I was thinking about how this is the best week ever. I was feeling confident, sexy, sociable and overall happy. Well of course I spoke too soon. My husband came home late yesterday after his post-work workout and was exhausted. I knew he would be so it was nothing unexpected. I had stuff I needed to talk to him about though and I let him know. I told him it was important and that I wanted to wait until he was ready even if that meant he needed to relax for awhile first. Later he told me he was ready so I started the conversation. While he did respond he was emotionless and seemed apathetic toward the topic. I didn’t get what I needed from the conversation and tried to bring up the topic several times throughout the evening. Of course it blew up into a big fight. Neither one of us is happy now and he is even more exhausted. Plus my confidence is shattered and I’m tired with an upcoming interview. So much for my great week. I would love to say this will blow over quickly but who knows. This basically always happens when he is tired. It makes me seriously doubt the idea of children. All I wanted to do was have a nice meaningful conversation, it doesn’t seem like that much to ask.


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