Since I haven’t been working I have become more of a housewife. I still study and job hunt but I also do most of the chores as well as take care of the dogs. I feel like it is my responsibility to do these things, especially since my husband took such great care of me while I was in school. I just don’t enjoy doing these things. It becomes the same routine week after week and I find it quite boring. I feel bad because I want to do this for our family since I have the time but I really want to start working again. I just always saw myself doing more. My mom stopped working to raise us kids and never went back. I just never wanted to be like her who waits on her unappreciative husband hand and foot. He won’t even get up to put his dishes in the sink and if he does he definitely won’t wash them. He used to wait until I got up with my own dishes and then ask me to take his as well. I even tested it by waiting hours before getting up but it was the same response. I know my dad thinks I should just be a housewife. He has even told my mom that he hopes I stop working. As well as telling me that if I want to work I should only work part time. There is nothing wrong with being a housewife but it’s not the path for me. I want to do something more, something that uses my personal skills and talents. I want to make a difference in society or in peoples lives. I hate doing housework and it’s not what I’m good at. I am very lucky to have a husband who fully supports me in going back to work and who is appreciative of me. I just can’t wait to find that job where I can one day make a difference.


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