The Little Things

Yet another bad day. Some weeks it seems like all I have are bad days. My so called friend text me happy birthday, which was weeks ago. She said she was out of the country and that she also needed my address. I know she only text me for my address and that’s fine. I’m just sick of pretending there is anything more to our friendship. I understand if you’ve been away but I see you on social media so lets just be honest. I have confronted her about our friendship in the past and how we have been growing apart but she just denies it and wants to keep on pretending. I’m not sure I have the energy to keep this up. Then my mom text me. I posted a picture of myself with one of our dogs on social media and she text me almost immediately. She said she saw the photo and was wanting to make sure everything was okay with him.  This is why I’m not really on social media. I still don’t know if it was her overreacting as usual or just trying to make an excuse to talk to me. Honestly probably both. She is always way too involved in my life. These text messages end up leaving me stressed and depressed. I’m tired of having unhealthy relationships and need to meet new friends to form healthier ones but it’s not always easy. The icing on the cake was fighting with my husband. I’m so glad that he finally has a job he loves but lately it feels like he has forgotten about me. I just really needed his support this week while job hunting. I’m sure he will find his balance but unfortunately it’s too late for this week. It’s funny how a bunch of small things can add up to make you feel stressed, anxious, and depressed. I need to just keep looking at the big picture that is my life and remember how great I really have it.


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