Looking in the Mirror

My mom has one of those magnified make-up mirrors. She uses it every morning to get ready. She spends hours in front of it plucking hairs and applying make-up. She would always say to me that one day I’d understand. She would also offer to buy me one or give me her old one. I tried using it in high school but it just wasn’t for me. To me if you need a mirror that lit up and magnified, then you’re worry about things that others can’t even see. I don’t understand the need to spend hours sitting in front of the mirror getting ready. I feel like I’m already slow enough getting ready, why create problems that people won’t even notice. I know she said one day I’d understand but I really don’t think that’s going to be the case. To this day I rarely ever wear make-up. I didn’t even wear make-up for our engagement photos. I just hate how we make women feel so bad about their natural selves that we force them to lose out on hours of their day and spend their hard earned money just trying to feel presentable for the public. I understand that for some make-up makes them feel empowered and confident but that just isn’t the case for me. I am glad that I found someone who loves my natural beauty because I am able to get ready much quicker which allows me to spend even more time with him.


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