Pictures of my Parents

My parents are on vacation celebrating their anniversary. They set up a photo album to share with us kids and have also been posting on social media. It’s sad though, because seeing the pictures only upsets me. On their post they always make it seem like they are such a happy couple. They do this when you talk to them as well. The thing is, I know better. It almost seems like they want to be together and love each other but at the same time they don’t even like each other. They don’t really ever communicate, they sleep in different rooms, and in general don’t seem very happy with one another. I know they will be together forever but I’m also not buying the happily ever after that they are trying to sell. I know that almost all marriages have their rough patches but it just seems like how it has always been for them. They haven’t been happy ever since I was a kid. I’m sure both causing and because of the alcoholism. Even with my dad being sober the bond seems broken forever. I want to see these pictures and be happy for them, perhaps they are trying to work on their marriage, but instead all I see is emptiness that I never want to become.


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