My parents were in town last night so we went and had dinner with them. When I went out to meet them it was the first time being around them that I actually felt like an adult. It’s not because they treated me any differently; but for the first time I didn’t feel the need to get their approval or let anything they said have a negative impact on me. I have been married for years, have a career, and have moved away and yet yesterday was the first day I actually felt like an adult while around them. I truly believe it is because I have taken the time to work on my mental health and healing. I feel like a new person. It is so important to work on your mental well-being and yet it always seemed taboo. Growing up, therapy was a threat not a solution. It was I give up on you and if you don’t behave yourself then you’re going to be someone else’s problem. Even now as an adult mental well-being is something that isn’t really talked about and comes off as weakness, or so it seems to me in my field. To me this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is nothing weak about being vulnerable and open in order to heal old wounds. It takes a very brave person to look at yourself and admit there are things you want to change and improve on. Maybe this has just been my journey but I am glad to be able to take the time to be on this road.


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