Weight Loss

I have been trying to lose some weight and am excited about finally starting to see results. When we first got married I was on a birth control that turned out to be wrong for me. I had a lot of undesired side effects but my gynecologist told me it wasn’t possible to be from my birth control. I ended up staying on it for three years because I was too afraid that something else would be even worse. I gained about 25 lb over those three years even with a healthier diet and increased exercise. At one point I was running 6 miles, five days a week and still couldn’t combat my weight gain. I know they told me it couldn’t be due to my birth control but as soon as I finally made the switch I stopped gaining weight immediately even though my stress levels increased, my sleep decreased, I stopped exercising and stopped eating healthy. So I don’t know what to think. Ever since then I have been trying to lose the weight that I gained. Within the first month of switching I instantly lost 5 lb. The other 20 lb weren’t giving up that easily, though. At my last job I lost another 5 lb but it wasn’t healthy. It was due to stress and not eating. I was almost happy when I gained the weight back after leaving that job. I want to lose the weight but I want it to be in a healthy way. I have spent the last couple of months improving both my mental and physical health. I have been able to lose those 5 lb again but this time with proper sleep, diet and exercise. When I first started exercising again I pushed myself way too hard too quickly and ended up hurting my knees running. I was worried because it set me back almost a month, but had I not done that I probably would have never given yoga another try. Which now I love and has helped me a lot. I guess sometimes things happen for a reason. I am now much happier with myself and my body and can’t wait to keep losing the weight.


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