My husband and I are very different. It is one of the many reasons why neither one of our families approved of us dating and yet probably why we work so well together. He is a very laid back, go with the flow type of person. While I on the other hand, am a planner and a bundle of stress. I plan everything out and worry constantly. I definitely need him in my life to help balance me out. Sometimes these differences can cause a lot of problems though. I like to talk things out while he wants to move on and let things go. To be fair that’s what I want too but I can’t do that until I’ve talked about it, usually at great length. Often times our fights are because I don’t feel like he cares as much as I do and doesn’t put enough effort into some of these conversations. The thing is how could he possibly care as much as I do. I am putting an abnormal and unhealthy amount of stress into each situation. I just wish he’d understand how important it is for me to talk about things to move on and to love me enough to put in the effort. I know he loves me very much but this is just one of those areas where I don’t really feel like he gets it. Instead it just seems like an annoyance to him. I don’t know how to fix this problem and conversations about the topic never seem to help, occasionally only making things worse. Sometimes I feel like if he never had to talk with me again that he’d be fine with that. I don’t know maybe he just needs a break from these constant conversations. I wish I could take a break from my mind too so I guess I can’t blame him for that. I just hate having these fights creating distance between us. Believe me I know that not everyday of marriage is going to be filled with happiness but wouldn’t it be great if it was.


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