Body Image

I don’t understand why people need to put others down to feel better about themselves. I am also guilty of this but am trying hard to be a nicer and more positive person. The worst is when people do this and then act like it’s for the other persons best interest. One example of this is my brother-in-law. Since my husband and I have been married we have both put on some weight. This was mostly due to hectic schedules but point is it happened. We both love each other the same and both want to lose the weight for ourselves. We have been making efforts individually as well as together and encourage each other daily. My brother-in-law on the other hand is not very encouraging. While he wouldn’t dare say a word to or about me; he has made several comments about my husband. Just about every time they see each other or talk he has made some sort of comment about how my husband needs to lose weight. He always claims he is telling him this for his own good because he wants him to be healthier. My poor husband always comes away feeling bad about himself afterward which breaks my heart. Why should he feel bad about himself? Yes he has gained some weight, maybe 20 lbs, but sometimes these things happen and he is wanting and trying to make a change. If he is taking the right steps to make that happen then why should anyone continue to make him feel about about himself. He already feels bad enough about the way his body looks, do we really need to keep kicking him while he is down? His brother never makes these comments while I am around but I almost wish he would so I could set him straight. I think in general we all need to be more supportive of one another as well as of ourselves.


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