I recently started doing yoga. I have never been a big fan and I’m probably about the least flexible person ever. The funny thing is the reason why I thought I’d try yoga is because I was wanting an easy workout. Well I was definitely wrong about yoga being easy. I also enjoy how much more relaxing it is compared to my previous workouts. There are those days where you want to workout and relax but there isn’t time for both. I guess you can say I’m a believer. I feel more toned, less stressed and in a better mood overall. I had briefly tried yoga before and hated it but this time it is much better. I’m sure you just have to find the right fit for you. I have also noticed that my posture has improved as well as my neck pain. I had been trying to correct my posture for years but after doing yoga it really corrected itself. One day I was walking the dogs and just realized I was standing up straight which eliminated my neck pain. I’m really glad that I gave it another try, even if it was with the wrong intentions.


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